Pet Wellness Exams
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Your pet’s health and well-being are important to you, and at Park Veterinary Hospital, our team wants to provide the necessary wellness care your dog or cat needs to live life to the fullest. To maintain your pet’s quality of life, we recommend scheduling wellness exams at least twice a year. We can evaluate your pet’s health and address any concerns you may have while you’re here.

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Wellness Care Matters at Every Age

Care for a puppy or kitten might look different than that of a senior dog or cat, but quality wellness care is equally important at every stage of life.

At Park Veterinary Hospital, we strive to provide exceptional care for dogs and cats near Oakland Park, FL using the following aspects of pet healthcare:

Your dog should receive regular nose-to-tail physical examinations to allow our team to assess their health and well-being. Your veterinarian can address any changes you’ve noticed in your canine’s behavior and typical patterns to determine the best course of action during your pet’s appointment. We recommend older dogs undergo a physical examination twice a year, while some may only need a physical examination once a year. This exam will evaluate the following:

  • Vaccination Status
  • Parasite Prevention
  • Dental Health
  • Exercise
  • Behavior
  • X-rays (mainly for senior dogs)

Once the examination is complete, your veterinarian can review any results and if necessary, recommend treatment options.

To ensure your cat maintains their overall health, your veterinarian can perform cat exams to fully examine your feline friend at least once every six months. This enables our team to evaluate their health and address conditions before they become problematic. During your cat’s physical examination, you veterinarian will check the following:

  • Vaccination status
  • Regulation of internal and external parasites
  • Dental health
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and environmental enrichment
  • Ears and eyes
  • Internal organs
  • Behavior
  • Coat and skin
  • Bloodwork to aid in metabolic function evaluation

At the end of the examination, your veterinarian will discuss if there is anything to note and recommend treatment options for your cat.

The Park Veterinary Hospital team believes that prevention is the best way to keep your pet healthy. Many canine diseases can be prevented or easily treated if caught early enough. This is why we recommend scheduling regular dog exams so our team can stay up to date on your companion’s health.

Our dog wellness programs consist of two main elements:

  • We emphasize client education to help you understand your dog’s health so you can know what to expect and be able to spot unusual behavior that may indicate an underlying health condition.
  • At-home care is yet another important element of preventative care, as this is where your dog spends most of his or her time. We can help you provide support for healthy habits and routines to allow your dog to live the happiest, healthiest life possible.

Did you know prevention is your pet’s best defense against illness or disease? When it comes to cat preventative care, we are dedicated to maintaining your feline’s quality of life through our complete preventative care which includes:

  • Physical examinations once or twice a year
  • Blood and urine analysis
  • Continuing health and wellness learning
  • Regular at-home observation

It is our goal to ensure your cat’s individual needs are always met including suitable nutrition, good hygiene, and sufficient stimulation. Early disease detection can also enable our team to address any problems before they become serious which is not only more effective for your feline friend, but also more cost effective for you. Regular physical examinations are a great way to ensure your pet stays in tip top shape!

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Our team is dedicated to understanding your pet’s condition and can utilize advanced cardiac diagnostic ultrasound and refer with various board-certified specialists to make certain your pet receives the most accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment. Internal medicine refers to the finding and management of disease inside the body, including:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Kidney/Urinary disease
  • Internal infections
  • Cancer
  • Diseases of the liver, gallbladder, endocrine system (e.g., diabetes, adrenal, thyroid, etc.) and heart disease

The best way to ensure your pet receives the best possible care is by partnering with pet owners and educating them about their pet’s healthcare and treatment. We rely on pet owners to let us know when their pets need care and in turn, our team is here to help them understand what to expect as your pet grows.

Annual blood screenings are recommended for all patients, as this is yet another way to monitor your pet’s health and take care of any issues as they arise. Certain illnesses or diseases may not present in any external symptoms, which is why blood screenings are important for detecting underlying conditions.

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