Cat and Dog Pain Relief
in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pets feel pain just like we do, except they can’t always tell us when they are experiencing any discomfort. In fact, pets are masters at hiding any symptoms of pain which makes it difficult to detect. At Park Veterinary Hospital, our highest priority is your pet’s comfort. We can help manage and relieve your dog or cat’s pain and educate pet owners on what to look for so their companion can receive the relief they deserve.

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What is Acute Pain?

Acute pain typically occurs as the consequence of an injury, surgery, inflammation, or infection. This can restrict your pet’s ability to move and walk, in addition to some general discomfort depending on the cause. Fortunately, acute pain usually resolves when the condition causing the pain is treated or cured.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain usually develops over a period of time and can persist for a while as well. This type of pain is caused by conditions as your pet ages, or by illnesses such as cancer or bone disease. Because of its persistent nature, chronic pain can be more difficult to treat. Over time, your dog or cat may learn to deal with the pain which makes it more difficult to diagnose.

How Do I Know If My Pet Is in Pain?

Pets depend on us to provide dog or cat pain relief. Our pets can’t voice their pain, however they may instinctively hide their pain as a protection mechanism. Keep and a close eye on your dog or cat and let your veterinarian know if you notice the following behaviors:

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