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Trupanion Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

What is pet insurance?

Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance helps provide peace of mind in case the unfortunate should happen. Its purpose is to help cover the costs of unexpected accidents and illnesses that may occur in the future. Unfortunately, it will not cover any current conditions your pet may have which are known as pre-existing conditions. This means that the ideal time to insure your pet is as early as possible so that anything that happens in the future will be covered.

How does pet insurance work?

When your insured pet becomes sick or injured, you take him to the veterinary clinic for treatment. You then submit your invoice along with the pet insurance claim form to be reimbursed at a percentage, less your chosen deductible.

Who needs pet insurance?

All dogs and cats can be protected by pet insurance. Pet insurance is for those who want to provide their pet the best medical care possible.

Why get pet insurance?

  • Peace of mind
  • Provide the best medicine possible with less worry about cost
  • Treatment vs. 'economic' euthanasia
  • Avoid financial surprises

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Trupanion: 

 *One Simple Plan - Pet Insurance can get pretty complicated when you have to sort through several plans and levels. At Trupanion, we want to make pet insurance simple and easy to understand. Our comprehensive pet insurance policy covers surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, treatments and hospital stays if your pet gets sick or injured. We also reimburse from your actual veterinary bill so you don't have to worry about a predetermined benefit schedule.


 *90% Coverage - Trupanion covers 90% of actual veterinary costs for approved accident and illness claims, less the exam fee and optional deductible. Full 90% coverage is available at any veterinary clinic, emergency care center or specialty center.

 *No Payout Limit - With Trupanion, your pet receives unlimited lifetime pet insurance coverage. Trupanion does not impose any per incident limits, annuals limits, or lifetime limits on the amount of care your pet can receive.

How do I get pet insurance?

Click on the banner below to get a free personalized insurance quote from the Trupanion website or even sign up today!

Trupanion Pet Insurance
THIS ---->https://parkvet.vetmatrixbase.com/pet-insurance.html

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Dr Bergeron and his staff are amazing. We have taken our fur babies here for years and they treat us like family. We board our dog here when we go away. Their facility is clean and modern. You will love this vet!


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